Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aku chenta pantai ini

Never skip this relationship ;)

Saya sayang kamu semua. No words, no explanations, no judgement and no details. 7 years is not a short time. But during this relationship, only last day i realized that, we have been 7 years together. oh lame 2.. Happy, quarrelled, dissatisfied, sulk, macam-macam da kita lalui same. We had great sweet memories together since MRSM til now. A child becoming an adult. Single becoming double (those never got boyfie dun be sad k bcz i'm in your group too :( ) ..

Dat day (reunion) was planned for 1 month ago. We have not seeing each otha for a years i guess. Sob :( That morning my mama and bapa was quarreled again!huih..buhsan,,after 5 minutes they ok again, smile and hugS..ayark??? dun judge their relationship. Being almost 35 years together.

i olredi late about one hour. Supposed, we meet at 11 in Machang. Speed up 140/kmh to pick up all friends. Ain aka gedixS was waiting for me in front of her house. Next, elah. She was wondering wut time i'll fetch her. Mianada (maaf).. Last one is yaya. She was non-stop bubbling while we was ondaway to KB MALL. Having lots chatting, smile and happy. God, dis is more than wonderful life that i was expected before. thanxS :)

This is small reunion for those good friends around Kelantan. Kelantanese only. People those outside,dun be sad, cz we will seeing each other soon. Wish sumebdy will propose me ASAP.hakx2.. :)

B4 that, mama asking 4 help. She want me to drop by to my brother's house. Got something to give brother. Mama always rolling a good grandma and mama to her only son and grandchild. My only sista-in-law got something for us. Chocolate cake..yummy!!my favorite. She just knowing that all of us goin for picnic this evening. :) love u sista.


# ondaway

Saying gud bye to cute baby (my niece)..After that we move on to KB MALL. Oh no!!!So hungry. Before that, we just have short walk around the Pacific center, and snap these picture. One of the sales girl stop us and said no camera please..urghhh!!! just being a kecoh + budget worker tol. Never like that kind of situation.


Looking for new adidas t-shirt. Will be wearing on ManU vs Malaysia game (on 18 july)

Looking for food center. Pizza? McD o KFC,urghhh..buhsannyer..Elah suggested us to have RasaMas food. Never tried before..Wondering it was delicious becz that was elah's favorite. But actually it was hampeh tasted just like this shop was run out of salt..hahahhaha..


oh gudness. This is mess.. Keleperan tahap max..More than denosour when they were dietless..

After that, while waiting the weather is good, we decided to have another round in KB MALL again (nowhere to go la). All of sudden kak elah's phone was ringing. Wondering her mother want her to cm back home early Hahahaha... No?ignore..Then yaya told me that people on phone is sya (one of our class mate during MRSM)..oic..

Then, they were 'dajalkan aku' by asking that gurl goin out join the reunion. Oh no!!! My breath was beating so fast.. But actually i'm ok with that, but how about her..Nak ke die jmpe aku.. ?? :( Actually during matrix, we both got involved some problem till we r in misunderstanding conditions. Frankly speaking, i was wrong and i hope she olredi forgave for my wrong deeds..Lagian pula, we have been 3 years being a i rite?

Little sad, this gurl was not comfortable to meet us. It's ok la..I won't care bcz maybe she doesn't want to see me. I guess. Tapi c yaya gedix pujuk jgk then sya pn setuju la... We leave KB MALL and fetch sYa in her college (UNITAR). After that we speed up again to PANTAI CHeNTA BeRAHI (PCB)..It was old name and now more popular wit Pantai Cahaya Bulan..

When we were there, it was still hot. I park car near a stall and we had short walk looking for nice port to take rest. We were join a kids couple without ask their permission (hahhahah..padan muke ang pa)..

Makan again..Cake chocolate,yummy, honestly it was delicious and strongly flavored. Sista becoming expert cake maker la. :) ..While eating, yaya si gila bergambar snap those candid picture.nice ;)



We then walked along past lots of stone with the warm sea lapping at feet. No one there, maybe it was so hot, no one bear to fight the hot sun. I was sweating. eeewww...But it was nice weh!!! See






The air was so cool, fresh, and so calm. Wish this time never endless. hoohoho.. :)




Stop! time about 6 p.m..god, mama keep calling to ask me weather olreadi on the road or not. Bapa asking mama where is his daughter goin for the whole day. Dem!! Bapa, i'm just goin out wit my girl friends. This is only girls out. without man la :) .. Then we just leaved the beach bcz the time was dem late. After all, i drop by sya to her hostel. Then i was speeding up to Machang. Yaya's mother want me and ain to just sleep at their home bcz the time is olredi about 7.30 p.m. But cannot, promise my mother i will be at home no matter wut and time. hohoohoho. Otherwise, bapa gonna mad at her.

I was at hoMe aBout 9 p.m.. So scary driving alone wit whole way is jungle and only several home is there. huuhuhuu.. Thanx god bapa was only goin out wit her friends. hehhehehe..So tired, and need rest well.

Til next time .. ~

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