Friday, August 21, 2009

Enjoy-ing wit my houseMate

The day we captured PerliS

So much thingS need to be updated. Urghh,,Tired, but it's ok then bcz next week i will be back to my lovely hometown. Love to see mama, bapa, my little cute Iskandar, lovely sistaS, good brother, all my 'anak buah' and my future room. Can't wait to see all of you soon.

Ok skip>>

This post should be posted for one week before,, but i skip for 1 week because it was long journey we were had for last week. We went to PerLis for one whole day, spending our timeS and money for those thing that we never seen in Penang before. Of course we were goin for 'kenduri kawen one of my housemate friendS'. Basically i would never followed them for this kind of event, but not for time time. I don't even know why i should go. Maybe because it was so bored to live at home alone. Or could be in stress condition because he will goin out with his girl on that day. Urghh.Xkuasa nyah.

Ok skip>>

We then start our long way journey. It was 11 a.m. Not to late and early, because the 'kenduri' will start right after zohor. Sesat! Oh gosH, !But then it's ok la because we never reach there before.. Let's check it. Let's check check it out!






After 2 hours and half, we then reached the destination that we desired for. Oh gosh, too many people make me feel unconfirtable to stay longer. It's ok lah, just smile, be nice and a bit 'sopan' la. Cannot waited much longer la, we then 'sapu' all the food that they served on the table. Urm,,,yummy, during the day, my diet is off okkai. Ngee :) ~



The bride and bridegroom was missing. They gv us chance la to snap the pix on the bridal dais. So nice kan?

A little sad because i didn't hv any single of photos the married couple, it's ok, i will find it and update my blog soon okkai. The worst is the bride's hand was fractured because of injury from the accident a day before 'majlis kenduri'. Kecian dia. Lepas tu kami pergi ke Padang Besar,,uh never reach there before, no ones bring me along. Jaat!!




So tired maa.. Kami berjalan sakan keliling kedai yang sangat banyak tu. Xpuas pun. But we in hurry, we then moved to another place.

Ok skip>>

We then had another stop to visits ostrich farm. Wallawei, they were very aggressive lol. Nak patuk orang je keje dorang. So scare to snap pix wit them. By the way, after two minutes, we were adapted and they bcm more friendly. Ngeh2x.. Kami ne masuk kandang rimau pn rimau leh jadi jinak. Weeee… Dun even know ape ayat pengaseh budak2 ne guna.

Enjoyyyyyy ya!!









Saying good bye/anyo to ostrich . Little sad :-(

Balik da. We need to do another stop at my aunt house. After all, by pass her house already maa, so much better to see her and uncle. My uncle was not feeling well. Jatuh bilik air. Adeih!!They were served us wit delicious menu and kueh raya. Oh,,Auntie you just a great aunt la. We just love it!! After all, we just ate only at pengatin house. Laporr..Ngee~

At 10.0 p.m, we then moved to Penang. Sum of us need to get work early tomorrow morning. Huh!

Off to my bed. Ngantuk maa


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