Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 3 beautiful Stooges

As we promised, we then met each other on Saturday. With no bold and vivid planning. We just enjoyed our self with no less. At first i pickup all the friends together and make moved to only town in Kelantan and of course we went to Kota Bharu to chill out our day. After all, we are Kelantanese girls that never found the beauty of our own town. Perasan KL kan? How annoying.

We do enjoyed our self to have eyeing-wash with window-shopping area the Parkson/Giant. They just in opening season. But still can crash our money and slipping away from fingers. Gosh!! It was really enthusiastic Saturday. People here and there, no less. No chance to have nearer car park instead kene jalan kaki sampai ketiak menangis-nangis tanak berenti. But we still in semangat waja state. After all, we found the car park left by one pakcik-kopiah i guess. Silly us. No pictures during the window shopping. We just in-out the boutique with no purchased. No-money My mum give enough money for full-tank “baby gemok” and her stuff. What kind of mother she was kan? (Sumpah aku tipu. Please jangan percaya. Muakaka)

We then make moved to another place that i would never missed this place once i came to Kota Bharu. Semestinya KB Mall. Hahaha..Am addicted to this place because no reason. It just no where to go. We had our diet-lunch at secret recipe..Oh kami kenyang di situ ya. Oh ya, lupe plak, we like our self to have dosa kering while waiting the food to be served. Mengumpat peeps here and there. Well, well, no one perfects right?

Oh ya, the last stop is Ridel Hotel. Quite nice place dude. With yellow-mellow sungai Kelantan view and hot guys there. We just do some eye-wash since we called that that day is gurls-out right. With single status we can do anything we loved to. Oh, how heaven. We had lots chatting, megumpat-ing, story-ing and well do lots joke. Really appreciate that moment given by god. Well, do enjoy the view of us.

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