Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Rock da Helluva Halloween Party with Feringgi Nite Out

Jalan - Jalan Cari Pasal


In front of fake giant ship.

The ship served peeps with the special steak menu in town.

Tourist should pay a visit here ones they came to Penang.

On the other hand, lots of exclusive restaurant with delicious and five stars attendance need to explore with.

(Feringgi Garden is one of the most best restaurant ever. I spent the quality times here with loved ones. Cepat. Go and try)

Feringgi Nite freshen us with lots of cheap items instead in good quality too.

We enjoyed the nite. After all, this is could be my last visit in here, KL here i come bebeeh. Yehaaaa


Beli souvenir cute sangat. Pastu aku beli necklace yang cantek gile. Lagi beli alas gelas dengan pinggan yang amat murah for lovely sista

Mungkin datang lagi, nak bring over my mummy and the sisters

She loves to shopping the house embellishment.








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