Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Millions Happiness with Extremely Awesome Level Episode 1


Langkawi Island Here I come..

Finally we (defined: my family) achieved the target to be right there for our Deepavali holidays. With strong desired to pay visits all the wonderful esplanade around the LANGKAWI ISLAND, we supposed hang up the peninsula land at 5 evening. My late just ruined everything. Tra-la-la. Hampun semuanya. We then speed up to Kuala Kedah otherwise our ferry will leaving to LANGKAWI ISLAND without us. wtf.. At 7.15 p.m, the ferry was leaving jetty officially. Thank god. Deep breaths. Yawn. While listening to the hitz.fm i was stuck in sleep. Gosh. So cold. Nevertheless, i left my sweater in car. Silly me. Then i just bear my self until our cruiser landing to the island. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, we have safely landing. There was rustled rumour said, no rental car to be rented. Some problem occurred for no reasons. Thanks god there was a taxi still available for us. We then left jetty for our resort. In slow-dark without any single snake lighting, i just silent myself instead talking nonsense for nothing. After 40 minutes, i hopped out myself and running out to the resort (forgot their name-but the area at the Cenang beach) the asked for our reservation rooms. At first, it was hard to get a room door-in-door, we then slowly induced Hana ( the counter girls). Thanks god again she willing to help us. Maybe feel sorry instead jatuh hati towards my brother-in-law or could be my cousin. Muakaka..wtf. Both are rejected.

Starving for a day was not a good idea. We then just randomly pick up the most nearer restaurant. What so heaven menus they had. I'm just blurring myself to choose what food to be served. My tummy instead others happy with butterfly smiles glittering out. In the middle of night, LANGKAWI ISLAND just like KL instead Penang, people still here and there, moving around the town and beach, the taxi driver just waited tourist order to bring over around the LANGKAWI ISLAND. We decided to have maelstrom area the long night market along the road side. Happy after purchased long dress, mini skirt, night gown. My sister just still bubbling out herself. She still looking for long and loose slack for beach morning lap. Sengal kan? My brother, cousin and little brother missing themselves without any sight. Shit-lah. How can they leave us behind without no worries. Sigh. Sister make a phone cool to her hubby asking for the location they have been. The middle our way, there several boys kacau us. Oh island boys, they were so jakun while looking toward us. Just like never seen a beautiful and hot girls before. Silly boys.

PART I : Night Market Along The Cenang Beach Side



i love that right white dress, walking to another stall instead purchased the dress.While moving back to this stall, it just closed. Sob. Sob :-(

****p/s : sorry for wrong setting date in the certain picture. dammit i'm not realized for this cretinous erroneous. wtf



We then end up our night with lots of joy with big smile plastered. Promise to had early morning awake to have walk lapping at the sea side. Gosh. I cannot sleep well because the air-conditioned was so strong with low temperature. Woke-up slowly with dozens of indolent ; get the slow button and pulled up the temperature until 30Cs. Sleep tightly.

PART II : Stay Cool with Majestic Soul in front of Blue Oceans

My early morning was flying-away with unknown calling named. Demmit. Sangat marah okai.. But when i looking back, frankly speaking, millions thanks for him otherwise i will missed my Subuh graceful. Me, sister, cousin and little brother had long walked along the sea side. What a heaven place we went for.,Well,ya! My brother missed his morning graceful because he love to have bed dream on early morning in Cenang Beach. Sengal kan? Datang jauh-jauh untuk tidor. Ok skip. There. No pollution with verdant nature, find sand and soundly wave make me feel much more better. After all, Feringgi was not my mysterious loved place anymore. Truthfully, Cenang beach extremely super awesome than Feringgi beach. Nah amik Feringgi tuh, nak sangat kan. Bodoh. It was so much fun to play and reminisce my foolish childhood. While lapping the beach, paparazzi snap us with gladly action. Don't want to miss out the moment we went thru in that lovely morning. Awesome!







Super awesome morning view to give our eyes keep energetic :-) :-)



We then takes five after long lapping we went thru. I was so exhausted with utter breathlessly. Times almost over . We need to went off for the beach time. We decided to have another walked around the Pelangi Beach Resort. This resort was so awesome with wood traditional house, totally like a cottage . Extensive swimming pool with bar in the water, exclusive dining space, playground for kids and nice lake in front of the cottage . The resort area was so big and i am very sure the owner must be extravaganza rich. Wondering either he/she have one single son to married off. Muakakaka. While around there, i still got times to snap memorable moment to keep in.







Behind the cottage, there was a big lake. Nice blossom lotus in the morning

Ok dah. Enough for chalet part. We then had another round inside the miracle awesome chalet. omg. omg. So cool and highly standard. No doubt. Without thousands buck in pocket, you can just smile away to lived in this marvelous cottage. My sister like to catch back our childhood moments, she with low shameless play the cradle and see-saw along my triple size cousin. What the sengal they were kan? Both were pretending they just like baby instead of dugong. wtf***. Lalalala~









Cross the mini bridge and saw bar lounge in the water.


Heading back to our chalet. Feel contented. :-) :-)

~The middle of pathway goin back to the cottage~



So tired. Rest well before took shower and having nice dress for the next awesome esplanade. I was bring over so many cloths and wondering what style i will wear for that day. Sigh.

Anyway, i asked sister permission to wear a bit sexy. She said "Yes, u can dear. Dress well and make sure not too much. Otherwise, i tell mama.".. I laughed heavily. I choose the simple roxy shirt with cardi and wearing new cheap skirt. Complete addition with long love necklace and bracelet accessories given from cousin the day before for my birthday present (next week is my 22nd birthday). Wearing croc shoes much more better and comfortable when climb up the mountain. Sling my new momoe slim-beg Yes, i'm ready.

We then moved to the town by taxi van with RM6 per person. I think it was not too expensive since the place was quite far. The bro-driver told us about the place around LANGKAWI ISLAND and how to go there. He was so cool and kind too.

PART III : Singaporeans tourist with Swagger Style

At town, we need to give our tummies butterfly smile since we never eat anything since morning. At that moment it was 10.30 a.m. We need to eat to keep our energy so then we can travel around with no worries. I then gave suggestion to have KFC for our brunch. No one protest and just followed the idea. Brother and cousin busy with dealing the price for rent the car. All the transportation was fully booked and the price was so expensive. While me and sister order the food to be served for us. I just choose few pieces nugget and wedges with coke to filled in my tummies.

We then moved to the next destination while me being a map observer. So poyo okai!! Our first esplanade is Langkawi Geopark. No matter what, tourist should comes here before leaving the island. Thinking over the construction, make me wondering how they organized and develop this place. It was too dangerous. The engineer was so superb brilliant genius for constructed this place. Give full stars for them.

~Heading to climb up the mountain stage~

From the cable car view, we saw lots of super awesome place area LANGKAWI ISLAND including Thailand, Perlis and of course the blue oceans . It was really small from the top. At first i was so scare . But since this is my second time heading up there, scared emotions was flying away bringing by slow-motion-wind. I never forgot to snap all the extremely picture to share with my blog readers. Hey guys, you should pay a visit here. Then you will know Malaysia eventually have a nice esplanade. Anyway, could be honeymoon destination for those just married right?




..... Action I: Author in Extreme Pose....


The entrance of the Langkawi Geopark

Since the the weather was so hot and bitter, my sister bought a circle hat for me. Totally like strangers tourist. A bro was over there asking me " Are you Singaporeans?". I'm just laughed at him and said."No, I'm not. I'm Malaysians. Hahahaha. So funny.




At the middle of jungle. I climb up myself instead of cable car to the highest station of cable car.





That uncle pose just like he is the main actor in this picture. Sengal!


Souvenir gallery. So many unique, creative with wooden color.

... Action II: The Two Stooges Escape to the Mahsuri Island For their Honeymoon...

Wish both of you Happy Second Anniversary dear sister and brother

Cepatan lol bring a cute nephew and niece for me




... Action III: We rock the Bridge..



i love this picture the most. But i supposed do the James Bond girl posed instead smile like saw mat salleh telanjang. Silly me.



Last good bye before kneel down to the earth

We then moving down to the real earth so continue our long last place before going back to the peninsula land. I bought another white dress with blue fretwork. Never forgot to buy mama a little present which is big pearl ring. Special gift after received my first ever stipend. Oh!after all, I'm being a good daughter instead the useless one kan? Hehehehe..

Our next trip would be Beras Terbakar. Just dropped by since passing the true pathway heading to jetty. I helped myself to find special gift for my bapa. So sad, i did not find myself what a special gift for him. Kecian abah,,..The souvenir much more cheaper here rather than shop around the Langkawi Geopark. My sister bubbling herself again. Sigh.


We then moving back to the jetty to specially booked the tickets for five senarios. Brother asked me to bought the tickets for others. Officially at 7 p.m we will leaving the island. After that, we dropped by to the heaven Kuah town to purchas chocolates and others. I bought so many things to bring over to the Penang. World of chocolates , Haji Ismail shop pulled me over to purchase cadburies, kisses, daims and much more marvelous chocolates. The moment i stepped in the World of perfume, i feel like shiver my self to see honest perfume. omg. omg. So excited while choosing the perfect one for me. My sister suggested me to try out flora by GUCCI. OMG. Superb awesome aroma flying out towards my short nose. Then i purchased one for my self. Sister bought one from Bvlgari to her husband. What a lovely wife she was kan?

Then, i asked my cousin to accompany me heading to ADIDAS boutique. Need stylish shirt for my super crazy Alien. I just randomly-pick white ADIDAS t-shirt for him . My sister bubbling with transparent word to her husband. We waited for him about half an hour for purchased a shelter of Marlboro cigarette. Gosh! We running out of time to pay last visit to the Dataran Helang. Just have quick snap there.

Action IV: Last Good Bye..






As the way to jetty, I imposed my sister to dropped by into Sembonia House. I have been dreaming for having this brand for four past months. Quickly choose the new arrival handbag plus flat shoes for my birthday out. Wink. Wink. We then running to the jetty because in five minutes our cruise will leave the island forever and ever. Yelling out!!


Last piccas of mine. This is last good bye saying to the island. I'm blissful to be here. Gosh, extremely superb experiences.

Ok. I think that was enough for this long-last-not entry. I'm so exhausted to have next entry shared my purchased. Officially end up the island trip here, bye people. Now i'm off to my bed. at 5 a.m.



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