Thursday, November 4, 2010

Broga Hill

This is crazy and cool dude. Without vivid and bold planning we (defined: umi, shida, fai, me) heading to Broga Hill early morning. Yes, before this we keep planning, inviting, being kepochi to all friends telling we are going to hug Broga Hill. But we cannot make it for some reasons. But, now we can plastered our face with butterfly smile and telling everyone that we just reach up our gold mission. Yeay, we did it gurls.!!Last night, i went out with one of my boyfriends. And suddenly, shida asked me to buy battery for umi's camera. And at the moment, i used to enjoy my short-date at Bukit Ampang. So nice, beautiful, and quite fun. That was first date with memorable jokes, beautiful laugh and so much story to share with. Hakhak...Gatal me!

Oke, lets continue with the Broga trip. I just come back from date at late night. I mentally prepared not to fall sleep while waiting 4 in the morning. The weather just so great with lovely wind. I do my own stuff, facebooking, chatting, borak-ing with friends. A few moments later, i realized clock knock me with 3 am. Then, me off everything and prepared some picnic things. At 3.40 am i off my housemate from their beauty sleep.

Around 5 am we touch down the destination. From here, i can smell the fresh air, coldness and my mind like empty and i could not stop myself feel excited to reach up the hill. We joined the Chinese group. They used to come in a large group. We started our journey from oil palm plantation, slowly to the hillside and forest. Thank goodness, the weather just so nice and yet not slippery. It was quite steep, dangerous, rocky around with madly rooted. After 45 minutes, we can see all over down places. It was dark, cold with wild wind and me like can touch the bluish cloud around. Get excited myself with people around. I wanted to blow out my self loudly "i did it"!Yes, i can see the town from here. It was always my dream to have trip like this, climb up the mountain. I used to do it before in Penang. I miss the moments that i can free my mind with sweaty activities. I wanted to do something totally different and rare. So that, i won't regret when the times come and say you are too old to do this and that. And at least i got experienced to share with my daughter and son. Tehee..fcuk!

Let's rowk it bebes, time to camwhore.

Okees, bubye Broga, let's arrange another date. Lebiu


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

Moumo said...

hye alantan,

yup,me love broga hill so much
n i hope can go there more often
glad to join Broga Hill Lovers,
so i hope can see u and the rest friends during hiking..
thnxs bebe